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The pneumatic sector is based on the use of compressed air motors, which perform mechanical work by exploiting the expansion of the strongly compressed air through a linear or rotary movement.
Compressed air motors have variable shapes and sizes; some operate through turbines, others with pistons and cylinders. It is possible to improve the performance of the air motors by heating the incoming air or the motor itself.
The compressed air leaves the tanks at a pressure of about 300 bar and moves the pistons or turbine connected to a shaft.
Because they do not use any kind of fuel, air motors are free of polluting emissions.

There are three different types of air motors:
turbine air motors: these are extremely small motors that reach very high speeds, such as those used by dentists and goldsmiths.
supercharged air motors: these exploit the expansion of the compressed gas which, by expanding inside a cylinder, moves a piston that generates a straight-line motion; they are used for example in mines and for road works
air motor with blades: because they do not use electricity they are very safe when used in damp environments; main uses are for drills, grinders, screwdrivers such as those used by tyre dealers.

Washers manufactures a broad range of accessories and small parts for the pneumatic sector. These are either available from the catalogue or made to specific customer specifications.
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